VPS hosting

What is VPS?

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. It’s a virtual machine that is running on physical hardware we provide. You don’t need to care about the setup or maintenance of any hardware components. Our VPS servers are based on Xen technology.

We are offering both self-maintained as well as fully managed virtual servers. Self-maintained servers are under full control and responsibilities of their owner. We only provision the hardware dedicated to VPS and its owner is responsible for installation of OS and maintenance of virtual server. Managed servers are installed and maintained by our team of operation engineers.


As all of our services VPS hosting is very flexible and it’s possible to setup pretty much any possible configuration that is matching your needs. But yes, everyone wants to see some prices :) so bellow are some standard configuration examples:

Self maintained

Basic server
This is a smallest configuration: 100GB RAID1 storage, 1CPU, 2048MB ram 190KC (7 EUR) monthly

100GB of RAID1 storage – 100KC (3EUR) per month
50GB of backup storage – 60KC (2EUR) per month

You will have either shared local network with http/ftp proxy or you can have public IPv4 address, for extra 60KC (2EUR) per month

Shell hosting

Do you need to only run some simple application, like IRC bouncer or a bot on UNIX server, but you don’t need whole machine? You can order our super cheap shell hosting, where user has just simple shell access to a machine shared with other users, where you can run your applications. You can request additional software to be installed on that machine if it’s missing as well as dedicated application user accounts. The price starts on 40KC (2EUR) per month.

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